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Slide Rail Systems

A modular system that is installed as you dig, Slide Rail offers many benefits:

  • Reduces size of your shoring crew
  • Shortens installation and removal time
  • Minimizes soil subsidence
  • Shore depths up to 32' (Triple Rail)
  • 8 x 26 panels added to inventory
  • Shore large clear span pits
  • Aids in controlling difficult soil conditions

Instead of Steel Sheeting or Soldier Beam and Lagging, Slide Rail is an Effective, Time Saving and Money Making Alternative.

Slide Rail is an excellent tool for trenching work:

  • Multiple bay - allows you to lay pipe, backfill, dig and shore with no down time
  • Savings can be significant when using Slide Rail for long runs instead of steel sheeting or lagging
  • Maintains integrity of existing structures and utilities

When using slide rail instead of steel sheeting or soldier beam and lagging, contractors can realize savings of up to 70%.

3-4 Sided Pit

Individual Slide Rail components offer the option of using lighter equipment when installing the system. The cost of rental and installation can be far less than steel sheeting or soldier beam and lagging.

  • Installation and required excavation are completed together, saving time and reducing cost
  • Wall to wall working space is greater
  • Minimal vibration to adjacent buildings and surrounding structures


TrenchTech's ClearSpan System incorporates special walers for larger unobstructed 4-sided working pits for site specific jobs.

  • Provides a large unobstructed working area
  • Cost effective compared to steel sheeting and other methods
  • Heavy duty panels provide minimal deflection
  • Minimal vibration to adjacent buildings and surrounding structures

Multiple Bay

An excellent alternative to other conventional methods. Enables simultaneous pipe installation in one bay, while backfilling the previous bay. Longer pipe may be installed by raising or removing the parallel beam.

  • Innovative parallel beam eliminates post deflection during installation and removal. The roller design facilitates the vertical movement of the integrated beam and spreader unit.
  • The parallel beam can be used with standard or arch spreaders


The industry's only pre-fabricated, pre-engineered cross-trench utility shielding system, TrenchTech's innovative Slide Rail and Shore-Trak combination system allows for shielding around existing utilities while providing excellent protection for pipe installation crews.

  • Shore-Trak guide frames connect to Slide Rail posts where utilities are located.
  • Both systems can be used independently.
  • Can be used in a pit, ClearSpan, or Linear or 4-sided Multi-Bay application.

Standard Features:

  • Guide frame lengths - 8 to 24 ft.
  • Panel lengths - 8 to 24 ft.
  • Panel widths - 24 in.
  • Foam filler (panels).
  • Four-point lift system.
  • Vertical adjustment pins.
  • Plug welding.
  • High strength mill certified steel.
  • Professional Engineer design and depth certification.


  • Interlocking panels.
  • Custom paint.
  • Adjustable widths.
  • Spreader collars on guide frames for use with 8" schedule 80 spreaders.


The remediation slide rail system offers the best method to shore and remove contaminated soils. 4-way environmental posts allow for cells to be constructed to create a barrier between clean and contaminated soils. Cells can be leapfrogged much more efficiently to cover the overall excavation area, while not allowing good and bad dirt to mix.

  • Max depth of 16'
  • 18' long 4-way environmental posts
  • Accepts standard slide rail panels
Remediation Environmental Posts - Slide Rail Systems

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