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Custom Engineering & Special Operations

Unique applications require custom shoring solutions. Our custom engineering services solve any shoring issue that can arise during excavation & construction. Also, we can provide you with the following to supplement your shoring efforts:

  • Illustrations
  • CAD Drawings
  • Engineering Diagrams
  • Site Specific Engineering
  • Specifications
  • Photographs
  • Installation Assistance

Providing CAD 3-D Drawings, Installation Assistance and Product Illustrations

Trench Safety Training

TrenchTech, Inc. has always offered OSHA compliant safety training. Now, we have a dedicated facility which combines classroom work and hands-on equipment training - TrenchTech, Inc. Safety Institute.

Equipment Training

Equipment training will ensure all of our products are being installed and used exactly as designed. With proper training, TrenchTech, Inc. shoring products will provide you with the maximum amount of safety.

Trench Safety Training - Equipment Training Hands-on equipment training - part of Trench Safety Training with TrenchTech, Inc.
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