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Trench Box Ladder System

  • 7' base ladder with 3' handle rails for (3) points of contact
  • 25" wide platform- wide enough to fit up to 24" catwalks as well as provide ample turn-around space
  • Screw Clamps located inside of the ladder to allow access to the mechanisms without interfering with trench walls
  • Safety Chain attached to welded rings with safety sticker on the face plate
  • 2 welded lifting points for even machine or human pick
  • All rungs are made of serrated sewer grading for anti-slip and boot cleaning from mud and debris
  • Platform is also made of the sewer grading for boot cleaning upon entrance or exit
  • Extension ladders come in 98"/74"/50' segments
  • All extensions are compatible to meet any depth required up to 30'
  • Both base and extension ladders come with round face bump outs to secure ladder to face of the trench box
  • Extension ladder bump outs are adjustable to prevent any pitch or swing when attaching to the ladder above
  • Stamped engineering provide with all rentals or purchases

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