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Fall Protection / Fall Arrest Systems

Fall Protection System

TrenchTech's fall protection system consists of a pair of rails and a fall protection post.

The rails are adjustable in width from 4' to 6', and must be used within those ranges.

The posts must be secured to the top of a slide rail panel or trench shield. They are to be secured using 5/8" - 11 ASTM A325 hex head cap screws. They shall be tightened to 154 foot-pounds of torque.

The system is designed to withstand a 300 pound load at any point on the system. Thus a 300 pound load could be supported anywhere onto the system.

Parapet Guard Rail

TrenchTech's new, light-weight fall protection / guard rail system.

This system uses 10'L 2x4's. It is light, easy to assemble and tighten by hand.

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