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Feature in Construction Equipment Guide 2021

TrenchTech Opens New Facility Near Harrisburg, PA

Jan 27, 2022

In June 2021, as the business world slowly returned to face-to-face meetings following months of COVID-related shutdowns, TrenchTech took notice of the booming industry about to take place in the...

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Feature in Construction Equipment Guide 2021

TrenchTech Keeps Contractors Safe in the Trenches

May 6, 2021

Trench shoring products don't make the heart flutter, unless you find safety alluring. People in the trenches do. Workers below ground level have a special place in their hearts for shielding that protects them from collapsing earthen walls that can bury them in a few terrible seconds...

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Aluminum Trench Box for sale or rental

OSHA Compliant Shoring Products

TrenchTech, Inc. offers high quality, OSHA compliant shoring equipment for sale or rental.


Trench Safety Training

Safety Institute

TrenchTech, Inc. new safety institute combines OSHA-compliant classroom work and hands-on experience for instruction regarding trench safety, fall protection, air quality and other areas.


Welcome to TrenchTech, Inc.

Proud to be called the Largest Mid-Atlantic Provider of Shoring Products and Services

TrenchTech, Inc. is a family-owned business providing shoring solutions from New England to North Carolina since 1992. All products are made of 100% US Steel/Aluminum and assembled in the USA. We have over $65M in inventory, ready to rent at a moments notice.

TrenchTech, Inc. provides slide rail, trench boxes, and more to the underground construction industry including utility contractors, excavating companies and general contractors. TrenchTech, Inc. provides high quality products, excellent customer service, precision engineering, quality training and fast distribution for your shoring needs.

TrenchTech, Inc. will support your shoring efforts by providing site specific engineering and training to all excavating companies and contractors. Our fleet of delivery trucks are on call 24/7 to expedite your order of OSHA compliant equipment - quicker than anybody in the business. TrenchTech, Inc. sells trench shoring solutions nationally and internationally, and is currently servicing the East Coast with locations in Morrisville, PA, Beltsville, MD, Hackensack, NJ, and Lemoyne, PA.




Sessler Environmental Services, a valued client, recently used our Slide Rail Remediation System in a location with contaminated soil which lead to this testimonial:

We’ve used TrenchTech in the past for our shoring needs.. They delivered the slide rail system utilized in this video, which works great for multiple applications and made our remediation project both efficient and safe... Knowledgeable and experienced staff, excellent service.

Eric Hoban, Sr. Project Mgr
Sessler Environmental Services

Carl Lamb, who has 21 years of sales, trench and excavation safety experience with TrenchTech recently received this testimonial from valued client, Gaines and Company - David & Bill Gaines, Mike Soul & Mike Tarr (lead superintendents), and Dominic Pope (safety director):

Carl, I wanted to reach out and thank you for your participation this week in the NUCA/OSHA TSSD week. Word spread you were sharing shirts and goodies throughout the company for sure. The guys really enjoyed it as well as appreciated it also. We appreciate your dedication to our safety program as well as your service provided by Trench Tech. Thanks for taking the time and we look forward to working with you as always. Stay Safe and Healthy.

Dominic Pope, CHST
Safety Director

Beltsville, MD Team TrenchTech, Inc. Beltsville, MD team

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