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Latest Slide Rail Success - Wilmington, DE

Slide Rail, Linear Multiple Bay Application - Force Main Repair Project

TrenchTech assists valued customer, Michael F Ronca & Sons, Inc., with shoring engineering/support.
Michael F Ronca & Sons, Inc. is a Fully Diversified Construction Company recognized for their success throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and New York.

  • 11-21-2018

    Slide Rail, Linear Multiple Bay, was used to expose one 108" force sewer main. The goal was to bypass the sewer main with three smaller pipes so that a leak could be repaired. The widest section was 34' x 60' x 12'.

  • 11-28-2018

    The 4' panels are installed next, then the pit will be dug another 4' deeper.

  • 12-14-2018

    Next, prepwork begins on the 108" force main so that it can be tapped and detoured. This will allow for the repairs to be conducted.

  • 1-16-2019

    They are down to grade, next up - digging underneath the main sewer line and pouring concrete cradles.

  • 1-29-2019

    The smaller emergency pumps are almost in, then the bypass will be connected.

  • 2-25-2019

    The emergency pumps are installed while preparation continues.

  • 3-5-2019

    Steel road plates were used instead of concrete forms, saving time and money. Heavy plastic was used as a bond breaker.

  • 4-2-2019

    Forming up for one more pour by the two pipe openings. Once that is done the bypass pipes will go in one hole and a shut off valve in the other.

  • 5-7-2019

    The valves that fit to the top of the pipe had to be reformed to fit. They also have to finish pouring concrete around the valve bodies.

  • 6-11-2019

    Almost ready to cut the pipe and install the new valves and bypass.

  • 6-21-2019

    They tapped into the main and this week they will have the pipes hooked up. Next week they will be flowing through the bypass.

  • 7-17-2019

    Soon as they get another valve, they will start to bypass next Tuesday.

  • 8-6-2019

    The bypass is up and running and a section of pipe is cut out. Now they can go up inside to repair the damaged pipe.

  • 12-16-2019

    The system will be in the ground for a few more months.

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