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TrenchTech Adds Three Locations to Serve Mid-Atlantic

More projects, large or small, are requiring site-specific engineering prior to the start of an excavation.

πŸ“… Thu February 11, 2016 - Northeast Edition

A Clear Span slide rail with a build a box shows both a large shoring application and a small one inside.

Excavation shoring has gone far beyond the delivery of a trench shield. Equipment size limitations, structure support, crossing utilities, understanding soil mechanics and expertise in the OSHA 1926 subpart P have become a part of the everyday world of keeping workers safe in excavations.

The type of contractors who now use shoring has grown, as well. Those using shoring now include water proofers, duct bank installers, highway sign contractors, concrete contractors, tank installers and foundation contractors. Many are now using manufactured systems in place of more traditional methods, such as tight sheeting and sloping to increase productivity and improve profits.

More projects, large or small, are requiring site-specific engineering prior to the start of an excavation. Supporting the contractor with the right shoring plan through the engineering review and final PE Stamp is now a crucial part of many projects.

TrenchTech has provided customers in the underground utility industry with quality work based on years of experience and professional resources since 1992. The company has experienced management and sales personnel in each location easily providing shoring rental products in 11 states and offering high quality shoring equipment in all 50 states.

And now, its hub branch in Morrisville, PA, is being expanded to the entire Mid-Atlantic region with the addition of new branches in Beltsville, MD and Washington, PA.

β€œThe need for comprehensive solutions when excavation shoring is required by contractors, utility companies, etc. is being met by TrenchTech and continues to evolve,” said Jay Kerrigan, TrenchTech president.

β€œWe now have four fully stocked and staffed locations that allow us to effectively service the Mid-Atlantic region. Our team will work with customers from plan review through bidding and actual installation of systems. This assures the end user that they are working with equipment that meets or exceeds all OSHA standards, is in compliance with all accepted engineering design requirements and is the safest most cost efficient solution for their project.”

Safety Training

Training contractors in the OSHA standard is another important part of the industry. TrenchTech has recently expanded its training department with the hiring of Safety Training Manager Mark Lord. Lord has 15 years of experience in the training of contractor employees in the OSHA standards specific to excavation, confined space, The OSHA Ten Hour, and OSHA 30 Hour. TrenchTech offers classes at the training facility in Morrisville, Pa., but also will do classes in all branches and at contractor and industry association offices.

TrenchTech has a full-service welding shop in Morrisville to meet the increased needs of contractors looking for specialty shoring applications. These would include high clearance spreaders for both steel and aluminum shields, extra-wide hydraulic shores, manhole bracing and clear span slide rail for large excavations.

An experienced installation department assists contractors in using slide rail, manhole bracing, and build a box projects.

TrenchTech also has made large investments in both expanding rental fleet to meet both geographical and job changing needs and in technology. Customers' ability to get the right information when needed is enhanced by the Web site, where they can get answers and quotes quickly through the chat line, etc. according to Kerrigan.

original article from ConstructionEquipmentGuide.com

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