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Hydraulic Shore Demo and Installation Tutorial - Cranberry Township, PA

September 12th, 2023: Cranberry Township Municipal Works invited Trench Tech to their location for a hydraulic shoring and end shore demonstration. We brought the mobile training unit to their facility, where (2) test pits were dug. After an introduction and Q&A on the products, our team assisted the employees of Cranberry Township in proper installation procedure on these test pits with both styles of hydraulic shoring. Being able to install the equipment themselves, this provided their team with a comfort level and understanding on how they can apply these useful shoring methods to scenarios they encounter on a weekly basis.

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Trench Safety demo van

TrenchTech Mobile Demonstration Unit arrives and gets setup on-site

Trench Safety demo van 1 Trench Safety demo van 1 Trench Safety demo van 1 Trench Safety demo van 1
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