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National Grid Safety Day

August 23rd, 2023: Our team took the new TrenchTech Mobile Demonstration Unit to Syracuse, New York for a shoring demonstration in conjunction with Monica Rakoczy of Entertraining Solutions. The event took place at the U-Dig/ New York facility and was hosted by National Grid. National Grid employees, as well as other industry members from across New York state engaged in our hands on demonstration of aluminum build-a-box, hydraulic shore, and hydraulic end-shore equipment. Monica was able to present her power point on all shoring methods and excavation safety rules with the assistance of our van's built-in screens. With the ability to transport and assemble our equipment, as well as provide visual display, the van proved once again to be an extremely beneficial tool in trench and excavation safety education.

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Trench Safety demo van

TrenchTech Mobile Demonstration Unit arrives and gets setup on-site

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